One shot. Scientists have created a vaccine against smoking

Now, long and painful attempts to quit smoking can be completely abandoned.

Microbiologists and chemists from the Scripps Institute have created a special smoking vaccine. As a result of studies of the vaccine in mice, scientists have found that the introduction of a special composition that controls the synthesis of individual proteins contributes to the complete elimination of nicotine from the body, saving people from any side effects, according to Science Advances.

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The NicA2 enzyme discovered and modified by scientists was able to completely decompose nicotine that enters the body of a person or animal, and remove it long before the onset of withdrawal syndrome. For the most effective effects on the body, the researchers created a modified enzyme, NicA2-J1, which, unlike the first prototype of a vaccine for smokers, had to completely destroy nicotine addiction. Upon completion of laboratory studies in rodents, it was found that mice that had been receiving water for a long time with nicotine mixed in were completely cured by the modified enzyme from nicotine addiction.

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