Scientists talked about the deadly danger of long sleep

More than others, it’s worth worrying about lovers of sleep before lunch – a long sleep can literally kill a person.
Australian cardiologists have found that prolonged sleep not only allows wasting time, but also provokes the development of a number of diseases. Excess sleep, according to Australian scientists, is fraught with diseases of the cardiovascular system – from hypertension to sudden cardiac arrest.

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Scientists believe that sleep lasting from 8 to 9 hours increases the risk of death by 5-10 percent. Sleep for 10 hours or more increases the risk of premature death by 41 percent.

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At the same time, experts say that daytime sleep is especially dangerous for middle-aged people – during rest during the day, the brain first sinks into a state of rest, and then “starts” again, which can trigger circadian rhythm disturbances. Insomnia and problems with the nervous system can be the final destination.

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