Canadian journalist assesses the results of the struggle for sobriety in Russia

Russia dropped from fourth to 14th place in the world ranking of alcohol consumption over the past 12 years. This is comparable to the level of France and Germany, said the journalist of the Canadian television and radio company CBC, Chris Brown , after talking with Russian experts.

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He noted that the Russians now drink about 10 liters of alcohol per year instead of 15. For comparison, he cited Canada, where this figure is eight.

Brown added that strong drinks, such as vodka, in the general structure of alcohol consumption in Russia decreased by one third (31 percent).

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The author told the readers about the measures taken by the government in the framework of the sobriety program. These include, for example, a ban on the sale of alcohol after 23:00. In addition, the journalist noted, the Russians have recently become increasingly inclined towards a healthy lifestyle.

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