CIA accused of creating a “truth serum”

This is stated in the documents that were at the disposal of the American Civil Liberties Union.
The US Central Intelligence Agency created a psychoactive substance, under the influence of which people could more easily disclose secret information. According to the Union for the Protection of Civil Liberties, the CIA considered the possibility of its use.

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During the search for an effective remedy, CIA officials found that Midazolam was the best drug for this purpose. It is sold under the brand name Versed and has a sedative effect, the organization notes. The remedy also causes temporary amnesia – this was highly appreciated by the developers. The lack of the drug – the need to introduce it intravenously.

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The drug, which has the effect of “truth serum”, was designed for use against people suspected of terrorism. The program was closed in 2003 – the developers did not receive permission from the US Department of Justice to use the drug.

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