Protests in France ended in arrests and death of protesters

In France, there were protests against rising fuel prices, during which a woman died and more than a hundred people were injured. The video of the incident was posted to Nice-Matin’s Twitter account.

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According to Reuters, about 283 thousand demonstrators across the country took part in the rally. At least 227 people were injured, six are in serious condition. In the region of Savoie, a driver surrounded by protesters panicked and shot down one of the activists to death. In some regions, clashes with the police occurred, 73 people were arrested. In Paris, the crowd tried to break through to the Elysée Palace, security forces used tear gas.

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The protest is called the “action of yellow vests” because the activists are wearing yellow reflective vests that drivers usually wear. Protesters demand to cancel the increase in gasoline prices. In 2019, the French authorities plan to increase the tax on diesel fuel by 6.5 percent, and for gasoline – by 2.9 percent. The government is taking such measures to encourage drivers to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

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