The American woman gave birth to a daughter from a sperm donor and after years fell in love with him

The American woman gave birth to a daughter from a sperm donor and after years fell in love with himUS resident Jessica Share (Jessica Share) admitted that she met and began to meet with the biological father of her daughter 13 years after becoming pregnant from him. According to the information portal ABC , the man was a sperm donor.

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Aaron Long (Aaron Long) donated sperm for money in the 1990s. In 2005, Shair, then married to a woman, used her to become pregnant. The woman admitted that she liked Long’s profile at first sight. She had a daughter named Alice.

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Two years ago, Shair broke up with his wife. At about the same time, Alice became interested in the identity of her father, found him via the Internet, and began to communicate with him. Soon, Shair also joined the conversation. After some time, the woman decided to meet with Long.

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“When we saw each other alive, we realized that we liked each other so much that it was impossible to deny it,” said Shaire. A year later, Long began to live with a woman and her daughter.

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According to Long’s calculations, he could have become the father of up to 67 children, but he cannot say for sure. “I have a feeling that I am the hero of a science fiction novel,” the man admitted.

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