The number of Habib’s followers on Instagram after the battle has doubled. Already 12 million

The number of Habib's followers on Instagram after the battle has doubled
The number of Habib’s followers on Instagram after the battle has doubled

No known UFC fighters, including MacGregor, have been signed on Nurmagomedov.

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The Russian UFC fighter Habib Nurmagomedov doubled the number of subscribers in the Instagram service after defeating the Irishman Conor McGregor on October 6.

Now on his account almost 12 million subscribers. Before the fight, this figure was slightly more than 6 million. At the same time, he himself was signed only for 357 people. These are mainly Russian footballers or fighters. In addition, Nurmagomedov subscribed to the official account of the Real Madrid football club and to the Juventus football player Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese, by the way, made a reciprocal step.
Among the subscribers of the fighter are actor Dwayne Johnson, Real Madrid players Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, counter-Strike Global Offensive cyber athlete Danil Teslenko and others. It is logical that MacGregor and Habib each other do not follow, as, incidentally, other fighters.

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Nurmagomedov usually posts videos and photos from workouts, bright moments of his career, moments of fun with friends or acquaintances.

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Habib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor MacGregor with a choke in the main match of the UFC 229 tournament in Las Vegas. After the fight, the Russian climbed over Octagon and attacked opponent Dillon Denis’s sparring partner. At that time, a friend of Habib Zubair Tukhugov and the brother of the champion Abubakar attacked the Irish in a “cage”.
The championship belt was given to Nurmagomedov only a few hours later. The athlete later explained his behavior by saying that the McGregor team provoked him, shouting insults about religion, family and country. After the fight, the head of the UFC Dana White said: he is not 100% sure that Nurmagomedov will not be deprived of the title because of the fight. As a result, Habibu belt nevertheless given.

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