Wakeborder from Russia rolled over a glacier in Greenland

Extreme Nikita Martyanov made his way to the city of Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland to participate in an unusual photo project, writes Daily Mail.

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It is reported that a few days a 28-year-old Russian was riding on a glacier near the water, whose temperature was close to zero. He was saved from the cold by a special suit, but he did not protect him from falls from a height of two to three meters, which were “really painful.”

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  • Several times we had a situation where I clearly saw the place for landing, took the right position to perform the trick, but when I started to perform, it turned out that I was flying straight to a block of ice. Falling at full speed is not funny at all! – told Martyanov.
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He noted that the main goal of the project was to show inspirational stunts in difficult conditions, but in this case it is rather difficult to predict how successful the jump will be.

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