Google closes its failed social network

Google closes its failed social network
Google closes its failed social network

Google is going to close Google+ for ordinary users, the company said in a blog today. The solution follows an earlier leak in the social network security system, which reveals user profile data.

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The company reports that Google currently has “low usage”, and 90 percent of social network calls take less than five seconds. Nevertheless, the company plans to keep the service for corporate clients, who use it to facilitate the dialogue between colleagues. For this, the company, on the contrary, will add new security features to the social network. Google will focus on a “secure corporate social network.”

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One of the reasons for the closure of Google+ is a software flaw revealed in the spring of this year, due to which third-party application developers could have access to personal data of up to 500,000 network users. The company said that, despite the vulnerability, no one took advantage of the opportunity.

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