Half of WhatsApp users do not know that the messenger belongs to Facebook

Half of American adults do not know that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are managed by one company.
Just over half of Americans (50.42%), registered in WhatsApp, do not know that the messenger belongs to Facebook. This follows from a survey of an anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo, reports The Next Web.

According to the company’s report, adult Americans took part in the survey, using messenger for at least six months. Also, 56% of respondents do not know that the Waze navigation application belongs to Google. According to DuckDuckGo, this data suggests sad thoughts.

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According to experts, users need to know which companies manage social networks, instant messengers, services, etc., in order to understand how they function. Representatives of the search engine believe that many users of the Facebook social network have escaped or moved to WhatsApp and Instagram for safety, because they did not know that they all belong to the same company.

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Judging by the general tone of the news on the social network Facebook, users from around the world are quite suspicious of the brainchild of Zuckerberg. This is due to the discharge of data and violation of the privacy of users. According to media reports, not all shareholders are satisfied with the state of affairs in the corporation. Earlier, Life reported that Mark Zuckerberg could leave the post of chairman of the board of directors at the initiative of the company’s investors.

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