There may be a global crash in the Internet

There may be a global crash in the Internet
There may be a global crash in the Internet

Today, Internet users all over the world may encounter interruptions in the work of the Network. Back in September, the Corporation for the Management of Domain Names and IP Addresses (ICANN) warned about this.

This is due to the fact that the first ever change of cryptographic keys is scheduled for the evening of October 11 — they are needed to protect domain names. Experts point out that problems may last for 48 hours — for example, someone may not have a page for a long time to load or will not be able to visit a website.

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But large operators in the world knew about the change of keys and were prepared for it, including in Russia. In particular, VimpelCom, MTS and Rostelecom had previously announced that there would be no problems.

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