Tesla builds an electric car factory in China

The company Ilona Mask turned in the direction of Asia, where it intends to sell electric cars with no extra charge.
Tesla announced the purchase of a land plot in the suburbs of Shanghai to build an electric car factory. The company intends to expand its expansion into Asian markets, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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On the purchase of an area of ​​850 square meters. meters, said the vice-president of the company Robin Ren. «The first gig factory outside of the United States is an important milestone for us,» said Rehn. It is reported that the territory in the east of Shanghai cost the corporation about $ 140 million. On it in the near future should start the construction of the plant.

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The construction of the plant became possible after some relaxation of the Chinese government. For example, cars from a Chinese gig factory will not be considered imported, and therefore high import duties will not be imposed on them. It is expected that the plant will produce about 500,000 cars per year. Note that in 2017, Tesla sold about 17,000 electric cars in China.

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