Unmanned vehicle destroyed the camera for 2 thousand dollars because of the picture

Unmanned vehicle destroyed the camera for 2 thousand dollars because of the pictureThe power of the lasers that analyze the space is enough to burn through the matrix of the SLR camera.
Starter Jeet Ray Chowdhury noticed that his camera for almost 2,000 dollars was out of order after he took a picture of an AEye unmanned car at CES 2019. Ars Technica reports this .

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After visiting the exhibition, the man decided to take a picture of the night city and found that the camera was malfunctioning: stripes appeared in the frame, the brightness was disrupted. Before that, she did not fall; Chooudhury did not find any reasons for the breakdown.

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After he began to look at the pictures taken and noticed that for the first time, stripes on the frame appeared on the photo of an AEye unmanned vehicle. The man reported this to the manufacturer, he was explained the cause of the breakdown and was told that the camera would have to be thrown away.

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The problem lies in the lasers located on the roof of the car. With their help, the machine analyzes nearby objects. These same lasers are able to burn through the camera matrix. When this is noted, for the human eye, they are completely harmless.

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Previously, the Tesla unmanned vehicle crashed into a robot. He just stood on the sidelines, and the car’s electronics did not recognize the obstacle and hit him tangentially.

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