In Canada, issued the first penalty for smoking marijuana behind the wheel

According to the published document, the violator must pay 672 Canadian dollars ($ 517).

The Canadian police issued the first fine for the illegal use of marijuana an hour after the legalization of the drug — early in the morning of October 17. The intruder was a resident of Winnipeg, caught smoking in a car. The incident was reported by local police.

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  • A fine was issued for using cannabis in a vehicle. Like alcohol, marijuana is legal in Canada. As well as in a case with alcohol, its use behind the wheel is illegal, — militiamen reminded in the «Twitter».
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According to the published document, the offender must pay 672 Canadian dollars ($ 517) for the use of psychotropic substances in the wrong place.

Earlier, Canadian media wrote that before the entry into force of the law on the legalization of cannabis, people lined up in front of shops where you can buy drugs.

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