Passengers urgently boarded in Irkutsk “Boeing” three days later flew to Shanghai

With the breakdowns of the two previous airliners, one of which was a backup, French technicians deal with it.
The second reserve side of the Air France company took off from Irkutsk with passengers on the flight Paris-Shanghai, whose plane made an emergency landing on November 11. RIA Novosti reported this to the help desk of the international airport Irkutsk.

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It is noted that all passengers flew to Shanghai at 9:16 (4:16 Moscow time).

Recall, on November 11, in Irkutsk, due to smoke, an Air France company aircraft was performing an emergency flight from Paris to Shanghai. On board were 280 people, including members of the crew. On the night of November 12, the reserve board of the airline arrived in Irkutsk, which was supposed to deliver passengers to the destination, however, it was unable to fly away due to a hydraulic system failure. Passengers were again taken to the hotel. On the night of November 14, the second reserve board arrived in Irkutsk.

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