British intelligence officers will follow the Russian diplomats

The British intelligence service MI 5 called on special forces and military officers to increase their vigilance towards Russian diplomats in the country. About this with reference to the secret document of the department reports The Daily Mirror.

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The document lists the numbers of diplomatic vehicles of the Russian embassy: they are supposed to be monitored. It is prescribed to track all their movements, to fix their numbers and the number of people in the cabin on each trip.

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According to data provided by Mirror, MI 5 believes that the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats in March of this year “dealt an irreparable blow to the Kremlin’s ability to gather information”, and now those who remain in the country can be involved in espionage.

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Russian diplomats were expelled from the UK after Russia was officially accused of poisoning the former GRU colonel Sergey Skrypal and his daughter Julia Skripal.

Similar measures were taken by the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Canada and more than 10 EU countries: a total of more than 150 people were expelled by countries. Moscow denied all accusations and took mirror measures.

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