Norwegian Ministry of Defense accused the Russian military of violations of GPS at NATO exercises

The Norwegian Ministry of Defense officially announced that it considers the Russian military to be involved in interference with GPS during the last NATO exercises, Trident Juncture (“Common Trident”), which took place in the region from October 25 to November 7. A statement by the Defense Ministry leads the Associated Press.

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The agency also reports that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry has already raised this issue with the Russian authorities.

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In the NATO exercises Trident Juncture, in addition to the alliance soldiers, soldiers from Finland and Norway participated. Interference in the positioning system did not cause any accidents.

In addition to Norway, failures in the GPS system have already been announced in Finland. Prime Minister Juha Sipila said that the interference in the GPS signals in the country was intentionally arranged in Lapland and, possibly, Russia was involved in them. Last week, the Finnish State Air Navigation Services warned civil air transport of this.

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A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Kremlin did not know anything about the involvement of the Russian Federation in GPS malfunctioning at NATO exercises, and that experts or the Ministry of Defense should be asked. He also added that the world has already developed a tendency to blame Russia for all mortal and other sins.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commented on reports of GPS malfunctions with the words that the alliance is increasing its capabilities in electronic warfare and the cybersphere to counter potential threats.

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