The Pentagon talked about the unwillingness to war with Russia and China

The Pentagon talked about the unwillingness to war with Russia and ChinaThe logistics system of the US Army, designed for the transfer of troops and weapons for long distances, is outdated, it needs urgent modernization in case of a military conflict with Russia or China. This is stated in the Pentagon report , according to the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday, January 9.

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“Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has not encountered an adversary who could cause catastrophic damage to military support systems, deployment of personnel and equipment,” the declassified document says. “As a result, the logistic systems responsible for such tasks were not given due influence, and their funding was insufficient compared to other areas of the Ministry of Defense .”

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In addition, the capabilities of strategic adversaries to carry a threat to US military logistics with the help of the latest weapons, as well as “gray zones” – cyber attacks and space weapons, have increased. “A potential military conflict will require a large-scale and survivable logistics system and the use of advanced information technology systems that can not only protect us from cyber attacks, but also allow us to safely disseminate information between military and civilian supply structures,” the report says . The document is about the possibility of the United States “to deal with China and Russia.”

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In October, the Heritage Foundation’s strategic research institute (Washington) published a report stating that the United States would most likely not be able to successfully take simultaneous participation in two major wars, for example, with China and Russia. Nevertheless, the report’s authors note that over the past year, the US military capabilities have intensified, since previously a similar study rated the country’s ability to fight simultaneously with China and the Russian Federation as “weak.”

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