Trump had difficulty finding a new Pentagon chapter

US President Donald Trump encountered difficulties in finding a new Pentagon chief . Two people refused to take this post after the resignation of James Mattis, according to Politico.

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According to the newspaper, the head of state offered to take the armchair of the head of the military department to former Republican senator from Arizona John Kyle and retired General Jack Kean, who often advises Trump. The latter was already recommended for this post in 2016, but then he also refused.

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Both did not want to give comments.

Earlier it was reported that the first deputy US secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan was temporarily appointed acting head of the Pentagon .

On December 21, it became known that James Mattis, who served as head of the Pentagon, decided to leave the post. This is due to his differences with the president, follows from the official’s letter to the head of state.

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James Mattis headed the Pentagon on January 20, 2017. Prior to that, he served in the US Marine Corps, took part in hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, Mattis was in charge of the modernization of the armed forces of NATO and headed the Central Command of the US armed forces, which are in charge of operations in the regions of the Middle East, East Africa and Central Asia.

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