No night shifts! Doctors told what the irregular sleep will lead to

Thus, the lack or absence of healthy sleep adversely affects the rate of recovery of brain cells.
Sleeping less than five hours a day increases the risk of diabetes and can provoke depression, as well as the development of cardiovascular diseases. It is reported by the agency ” Moscow ” with reference to the chief freelance specialist in primary health care for the adult population of the Moscow Healthcare Department Andrei Tyazhelnikov.

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It is reported that if you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, you may experience cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, headaches, impaired cognitive function, depression, and also weaken the immune system. In addition, the lack or absence of healthy sleep adversely affects the speed of recovery of brain cells.

Particular danger is the work in the dark. Just one night shift is enough to increase blood pressure. People who had not slept at night for five weeks and had a rest during the day received an impaired glucose exchange in the body, leading to irreversible changes in metabolism and leading to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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