Or maybe the most expensive? Experts named the best cars in 2018

Or maybe the most expensive? Experts named the best cars in 2018Studying the masterpieces released by the global auto industry last year, the experts clearly did not set any framework for themselves – the prices for cars start at half a million rubles, and end with 185 million.
Experts Сarsweek.ru called the top five cars in 2018.

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The seventh generation Toyota Camry has become the most reliable car of the last year, experts are sure. The Camry has a new platform, a stiffer body, lighter weight, 2.5 or 3.5 liters engines with a capacity of up to 180 and 300 horsepower. The price of “Camry” relative to other top cars is the most democratic – from 1 573 000 rubles.

Mercedes Maybach S600 – the most comfortable car. The car, the authors believe, is intended for the richest people. On the rear seats made of leather, there is a minibar, the seats have an adjustable backrest, heating, ventilation, and they will also do a massage. The cost of the model starts from 12,126,000 rubles.

According to experts, the fastest car last year – Bugatti Chiron. Hypercar can reach speeds of up to 420 km / h and is allowed to go on public roads. The price of Bugatti Chiron – 2.4 million euros, or slightly less than 185 million rubles.

The title of “electric car in 2018” gets the Tesla Model S. The car of the American automobile industry is not officially sold in Russia, so you will have to order through intermediaries.

– This car is still the most technologically advanced, powerful, comfortable and balanced serial electric vehicles. The car has a large power reserve, high power, autonomous systems, as well as security systems, say experts of Sarsweek.ru

The safest car authors considered the offspring of the Swedish concern “Volvo”, the Volvo XC90 SUV. The machine is equipped with active and passive safety systems, as well as a smart suspension that prevents tipping. The price of the XC90 starts from 3,920,000 rubles.

Earlier, Life published the rating of a car of a completely different level – the top used car in the Russian market . After analyzing 2.5 million ads for used cars there, they brought out the average price for a car, it was 390 thousand rubles.

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