Paying a dollar an hour. Prisoners attracted to extinguish fires in California

However, those inmates who are arsoning and sexually abusing were not allowed into the rescue operation.
In California, attracted about 200 prisoners to the elimination of the most devastating fire in the history of the state, whose victims have already become more than 40 people, according to Fox News.

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Contenders “who are able to work in a team and are not inclined to violence” are involved in extinguishing fire. Sentenced to term for arson and sexual crimes were not allowed to the operation. We add that prisoners are even paid fees in the form of a whole dollar per hour.

The labor practice of prisoners for symbolic payment is widely used in US prisons. Supporters of the use of low-paid labor of prisoners believe that this makes it possible to save the California budget of about $ 100 million a year. Nevertheless, some human rights activists consider this unacceptable because of the dangerous nature of such activities and the low level of pay.

Fires in California have already killed 44 people. The overwhelming number of deaths recorded in Butte County in the north of the state. In this regard, in some of its districts, there are emergency situations.

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