Poroshenko announced the transfer of paratroopers to the border with Russia

The redeployment of troops was carried out under the martial law regime introduced in ten regions of Ukraine.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the next build-up of groups of Ukrainian troops on the border with Russia. In particular, according to him, an air assault brigade from a military airfield in the Zhytomyr region has been deployed to the borders of the Russian Federation.

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“Combat units and subunits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are relocating to the most dangerous directions along the entire line of our border in order to increase defensive capabilities,” the leader of the Independent Square wrote on Twitter.

According to Poroshenko, the strengthening of the borders was made in the framework of the martial law regime introduced in ten regions of Ukraine.

Recall, on November 25, the ships of the Ukrainian Navy invaded the water space of Russia and were detained by the border guards. After that, by the decision of Petro Poroshenko, martial law was imposed for 30 days in the regions of Ukraine with access to the sea. December 3, the leader of the Square announced the transfer of troops to the border with Russia .

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