Poroshenko gave Zelensky 45 minutes to come to the debate

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave the candidate for the highest office in the country to Vladimir Zelensky 45 minutes, until 15:00, to arrive at the NSC “Olympic”. Broadcast debates leading channel “112 Ukraine”.

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– I think that today you can get to the stadium from anywhere in Kiev in 40 minutes. Let’s give you 40–45 minutes, until 3:00 pm We wait for Zelensky , – Poroshenko declared.

He also turned to his opponent, noting that he probably had already returned from Paris and was ready to come to the debate with new forces, which he called the key element of democracy.

After that, the moderator of the debate gave Poroshenko five minutes for the opening remarks.

We note, initially, the candidates agreed to hold a debate on the “Olympic” on April 19, but Poroshenko decided to set his date and scheduled the debate today.

Earlier, Life reported that the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko arrived at the Olympic Stadium in the center of Kiev. He went on stage to the accompaniment of a performing group.

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