Putin called tasks for Russian diplomats

In his congratulations on the Day of Diplomatic Workers, the President pointed out to the Foreign Ministry staff to maintain strategic stability because of the situation around arms control in the world. He also urged to build ties with EurAsEC

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President Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on the Day of Diplomatic Worker, a congratulation published on the Kremlin’s website.

“Domestic diplomacy makes a significant contribution to the consolidation of peace, the solution of topical regional and global problems, the development of cooperation with foreign partners,” the message reads. The President stressed that today diplomats face important and large-scale tasks, since “international security and the rule of law are being seriously tested”.

“It is necessary to actively defend the basic principles of international law and the system-playing role of the UN, to seek the unity of the world community in the fight against the terrorist threat,” the head of state said. The president also noted the importance of developing the peace process in Syria.

“It is necessary to step up efforts to develop Eurasian integration processes, as well as to expand the external relations of the EurAsEC – with a view to the formation of a larger Eurasian partnership,” Putin added.

In addition, Putin urged to pay attention to ensuring strategic stability due to the fact that “the arms control and non-proliferation regimes are challenged.”

The call of the Russian leader was made against the background of the suspension of the United States’ fulfillment of its obligations under the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) from 1987. The Kremlin decided to give a mirror response to the actions of Washington. According to the American authorities, Russia violated the terms of the agreement because of the 9M729 missiles for the Iskander-M installations; Moscow denied all the allegations. In this case, later, US President Donald Trump made a new agreement with Russia instead of the INF.

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