Rada allowed Ukrainian ships to open fire

In addition, the marine guard will be able to stop, inspect and detain vessels and their crew if they consider that the vessel may violate the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

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The Verkhovna Rada approved the draft law “On the adjacent zone of Ukraine”, Ukrainian media reported. 244 deputies voted 12 miles for the expansion of the Square’s Black Sea zone in the Black Sea, and also allowed naval border guards to shoot without warning when there was a threat of an attack on their ships.

The document specifies that ships and boats of the maritime guard of the State Border Service of Ukraine may use weapons to defeat “during an invasion or attack by armed military groups and criminal groups.”

In accordance with another paragraph of the draft law, the so-called adjacent zone of Ukraine should become an open sea belt, the outer border of which is at a distance of no more than 24 nautical miles (while the territorial waters of Ukraine are 12 miles. – Ed. ).

Recall that in several regions of Ukraine, having access to the sea, martial law was imposed for 30 days by the decision of the leader Nezalezhnaya. This happened after the incident in the Black Sea, when the ships of the Ukrainian Navy invaded the water space of Russia and were detained.

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