Rails punch along. Experts called AK one of the best in automata in the world

The US military-analytical publication The National Interests collected five of the best samples of small arms in the world, which of course got a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Together with him, the American M4, the British SA80A2, the French FAMAS and the German HK416 / M27 were placed on the pedestal.

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AK-74M is the standard weapon of Russian ground forces. It was developed in the 1970s under the chuck of 5.45 mm as a replacement for the legendary AK-47, the newspaper writes. In 2015, the AK-74M added an adjustable telescopic butt, a modern receiver pad and forearm, on which the Picatinny rail and an improved muzzle brake were integrated.

Earlier, experts of the publication have already praised the Kalashnikov assault rifle. AK-74 and AKM in the hands of mid-level fighters and highly professional military can show “amazing results”, wrote The National Interests.

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