Researchers estimate how much the US has spent on wars.

This amount was several times more than in May, the Pentagon reported, as the military department kept silent about many expenses.
The United States has spent $ 5.9 trillion on military spending since 2001, according to a study conducted by Brown University University Professor Neta Crawford.

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According to her, this amount includes not only the expenses of the Pentagon, but also the expenses of the US Department of State, funds for the care of war veterans, interest on debt for wars, as well as money spent on fighting terrorism.

It is reported that even if the US completes its participation in the wars in 2023, by then the country will spend $ 6.7 trillion. Earlier, the Pentagon claimed that the United States spent $ 1.7 trillion.

Crawford reported that the fighting claimed a total of 380 thousand lives. Killed including 244 thousand civilians. About 10 million people had to leave their homes.

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