“Roskosmos” confirmed the plans of the head of NASA to meet with Rogozin in Russia

The head of NASA, Jim Brydenstein, is really planning to come to Russia for talks with the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, RIA Novosti reports referring to Vladimir Ustimenko, the official representative of the Russian state corporation.

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“The invitation <...> for Brydenstein to come to Russia for further negotiations was announced by <...> Rogozin during the teleconference. The intention of the American side is, but the time of the visit has not yet been agreed, ”he said.

In January, NASA reported that Brydenstein accepted an invitation from Rogozin to visit Russia or Baikonur. The head of “Roskosmos” later noted that the head of NASA could come to one of the closest launches from the spaceport.

Rogozin, who was under US sanctions in 2014, was supposed to visit the United States in February, for the sake of a visit he was lifted from restrictions. However, the invitation was later postponed indefinitely, the NASA explained this decision by pressure from the senators.

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