Rosselkhoznadzor check Ulyanovsk Veto Agency due to outbreak of infection

Rosselkhoznadzor decided to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the veterinary agency of the Ulyanovsk region after cadets of the local Suvorov military school had echinococcosis. The service informed the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, according to the Rosselkhoz website.

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The service noted that the disease is caused by tapeworms, and infection occurs through food. The ministry added that products that could become a potential source of the disease should have been checked in the laboratories of the veterinary agency.

“In this regard, the Rosselkhoznadzor made a decision to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the Veterinary Agency, about which the service informed the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia,” – said in a statement.

The service noted that the agency has repeatedly been accused of having given permission to use low-quality products. As a result of inspections in the Ulyanovsk region, 377 batches of unsafe products were found, more than 40 of which were counterfeit.

The Rosselkhoznadzor said that they had received a letter from State Duma Deputy Alexei Kurinniy, in which cases of the disease were reported among teachers and school kitchen workers. According to the deputy, until mid-December 2018, the food here was organized by OOO Trade House SPP, which had more than 1 thousand completed and existing contracts for the supply of products in several regions of Russia. However, then the supplier became Pishevik LLC, which did not have a single contract concluded.

At the end of January, 27 pupils of the Suvorov Military School found signs of infection in the lungs during planned fluorography . The school began an epidemiological investigation.

Subsequently, the Regional Health Minister Sergei Panchenko reported that 26 cadets had echinococcosis. The military investigation department of the Investigative Committee of the Ulyanovsk garrison opened a criminal case under Part 1 of Art. 236 of the Criminal Code (violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, negligently entailed mass disease of people).

The parents of the cadets told Kommersant FM that they would transport the echinococcosis to the Vishnevsky hospital outside Moscow. They noted that 36 pupils will be sent there on February 8, and a few more – at the beginning of the next week.

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