Russia has prepared a draft resolution of the UN Security Council on Venezuela

It calls for resolving the situation in Venezuela, and consultations with experts on this document will be held next week. The document will be a response to the draft resolution of the Security Council on Venezuela, which is being prepared by the United States.

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Russia has prepared a draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the situation in Venezuela, according to RIA Novosti and TASS sources . “The Security Council calls for a settlement of the situation in Venezuela on the basis of peaceful measures and supports all initiatives aimed at achieving a political settlement, including the mechanism worked out in Montevideo,” the document says.

This mechanism, developed by Mexico, Uruguay and members of the Caribbean Community, provides for the launching of a dialogue to resolve the situation in the Bolivarian Republic and the achievement of an agreement between the parties to the conflict.

The Russian draft resolution will be a response to the American document providing for the cancellation of the results of the presidential elections in Venezuela in 2018 and the holding of new elections, TASS reports . Both documents will be reviewed by experts next week, the agency’s diplomatic source said.

“The US has not yet withdrawn its draft presidential statement on the results of the previous Security Council on Venezuela. Then the Russian delegation introduced a number of its proposals to it, with which the American side did not agree, but did not withdraw the document, ”said the source.

Washington January 26 at a meeting of the Security Council presented a resolution in support of the opposition National Assembly of Venezuela, in which the unicameral parliament was recognized as the “only democratic institution” of the country. However, Russia, China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea blocked this document, Voice of America reported . Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, accused the United States of intending to drag the Security Council into “its unscrupulous games” to destabilize Caracas and change power in Venezuela.

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