“Russian aircraft of the XXI century” will save from sanctions

"Russian aircraft of the XXI century" will save from sanctionsThe program to create a new Russian aircraft MS-21 will be implemented. On this on Thursday, January 10, reports TASS with reference to the apparatus of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov .

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They stressed that the government knows all the details of the situation. “She’s in control,” the vice-premier’s staff was assured, adding that at the moment nothing threatens the project.

Earlier on Thursday, Kommersant, citing its own sources, said that MS-21 could be left without a composite black wing because of US sanctions against Aerocomposite JSC and ON Technology and Production Association Romashina JSC ( Rostekh ). It was noted that the shipment of the necessary components for the wing and part of the keel, which were supplied from the USA and Japan, was stopped, and the remaining stock of composites would be enough for only six aircraft.

MS-21 will be the first medium-haul aircraft created in post-Soviet Russia. One of its advantages is the composite wing, which increases the efficiency of the car and increases the width of the cabin. The Accounting Chamber estimated the project at 438 billion rubles. The first flight of this family made the car in May 2017. The first shipments of the ship are scheduled for 2020.

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