Russian men cursed for bad taste

Russian men cursed for bad tasteRussian etiquette experts criticized men who wear business suits with sports shoes. Their words leads RIA Novosti .

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Teacher-consultant on etiquette and business protocol Tatyana Nikolayeva recommended avoiding such a combination, despite the popularity of smart casual style (“elegantly casual” style). “Yes, you can wear something for the evening event, say, air for the top and in shoes to pick something up without a heel. But not sneakers, no matter how fashionable it is, ”said Nikolaeva.

Another expert, Eleonora Basmanova, remarked that fashion trends should be taken into account only when preparing for “narrow” parties, and those who combine official clothing with sneakers violate etiquette rules. According to Basmanova, the evening reception involves “good, high-quality” shoes and pinned hair.

She also added that if a person is overly passionate about fashion, then the surrounding people begin to pay attention to his appearance, and not to business skills.

In November 2018, the stylists explained to men how to combine things of different colors in the cold season, and also told how to add more bright colors to the winter wardrobe. According to them, first of all it is necessary to purchase clothes of basic colors: white, gray, beige and black.

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