Russians launched on the border with Ukraine because of St. George ribbon

Ukrainian border guards did not allow a Russian into the country because of the St. George ribbon on his suitcase. It is reported by the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

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The incident occurred on Friday, November 16, at the Kiev airport Juliani. An unnamed citizen of the Russian Federation flew to the capital of Ukraine from Belarus on a private visit. On the handle of his suitcase, the border guards saw the St. George ribbon, which is considered anti-Ukrainian symbolism and is prohibited in the country.

The man was refused to cross the state border, and was also banned from visiting the country for the next three years.

A similar incident was reported in May 2018. Then two Russians were not allowed into the country at the Borispol airport because of the St. George ribbons on the baggage. Tourists refused to remove the symbolism, and they were sent back to Minsk, where they came from.

The ban on the use of St. George ribbon and recognition of its anti-Ukrainian symbols came into force on June 15, 2017. For her wearing a penalty of 850 to 2550 hryvnia (1860-5600 rubles). If, however, the symbol is displayed again, then you will have to pay from 2,550 to 5,100 hryvnias (up to 11,200 rubles) or go to administrative arrest for up to 15 days. The tape is allowed to be shown only in documents of the Soviet period, in expositions of museums and private collections, in library collections and in various kinds of textbooks. It can be an element of a tombstone and be an object of antique trade.

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