Russia’s ambassador announced the establishment of “good contacts” in the White House

According to Anatoly Antonov, Russian diplomatic workers manage to maintain contacts with individual US officials. However, the work of diplomats is complicated by anti-Russian sentiments.

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Despite the anti-Russian sentiment, diplomats manage to maintain working relations with the US administration. About this in an interview with Tass said the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov.

“We continue our painstaking daily work with all officials who are ready to talk with us. We have established good contacts at the State Department, the White House, and other US departments, ”he said.

According to Antonov, diplomats continue to work on the return of seized Russian diplomatic property and ensuring the smooth operation of Russian missions. “We work with the belief that toxic Russophobic dust in the air of Washington will settle and common sense will prevail. We need to return to normal, pragmatic relations, ”he said.

2018 Antonov called the “year of missed opportunities” for Russian-American relations. “Almost on an everyday basis, we felt painful attacks on our address, which created additional difficulties for the embassy’s activities. “The Russian factor” is trying to play in the domestic political struggle. With a great deal of confidence, we can say that this situation will continue, ”the ambassador said.

The main channels of communication with the US authorities, the diplomat admitted, are now destroyed or are in a frozen state. This leads to the maintenance of “correspondence controversy.” Antonov urged to abandon this practice and return to a systematic political dialogue.

In December 2018, the US ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman, called for the return of relations between Russia and the United States . “Not so long ago, 36 American centers were operating throughout Russia, today there is only one. It’s time to return the relations between our countries to the previous level, ”he said.

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