Samsung hid the front camera in the display of the smartphone

At the moment, manufacturers can only hide a fingerprint sensor under the screen, and even that is not all.
Samsung has learned to integrate the front cameras in the displays of smartphones. This is reported by insiders, reports PhoneArena.

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According to sources, the Korean manufacturer is testing a smartphone that has a camera hidden under the screen. Frontalku actually is under glass and display. The camera can take pictures, despite the fact that it is superimposed on top of the screen on which information is displayed. There is a version that such a smartphone could come out next year.

At the moment, most vendors are embedding the front cameras in the display frame or in the “mono-brow” – a cutout on the screen for cameras and sensors. Some companies, such as Vivo, equip smartphones with a sliding mechanism under which the frontalka hides.

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