Serbia sent a protest to Croatia after beating its athletes

The Serbian authorities sent a protest to the Croatian authorities after yesterday’s incident in Split, where a group of hooligans attacked the Red Banner team of Belgrade

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Serbia sent a note of protest to the Croatian embassy in connection with the attack on its athletes in Split. This, according to the Kurir publication , during a visit to the city of Vrsac was announced by President Alexander Vucic. The head of state stressed that he would refrain from harsh statements, because it would not help the beaten players of the Red Star.

At the same time, Vucic noted that in Zagreb they should take into account this story and understand that such stories will be repeated without any cooperation.

In turn, the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the incident in Split cannot be viewed as evidence of a certain trend, because usually the visits of Serbian clubs pass without problems. The head of the department, Davor Bozhinovich, said that three hooligans had already been detained in this case, and two more were in search, reports the publication Slobodna Dalmacija . According to unconfirmed information, one of the detainees was a cafe waiter, who called the thugs on the phone.

The attack took place the day before in Split, where the Red Star arrived for the match against the local Mornar. Belgrade club players were sitting on the waterfront when they were attacked by a group of hooligans with fittings. To escape from the attackers, water polo players had to jump into the sea. At the same time, one of them asked not to kill him and explained that he was not a Serb, but a monk monk.

In the Serbian Water Polo Federation, they said the Red Star was refusing to hold the match in Split due to the poor psychological state of the players. At the same time, the head of the Federation, Viktor Elenich, called the incident a disgrace, pointing out at that moment that the hooligans attacked the players, and not the fans.

In turn, the president of the Red Star Club, Igor Miloevich, suggested not to compare what happened with the recent incident in Belgrade, when local residents attacked the fans who came to the city from Split. According to him, they themselves gave a reason, because they appeared on the street with the attributes of the hooligan group Torcida, who often took part in the attacks on Serbian opponents.

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