Siberian shamans were fined for ritual burning of camels

It is noteworthy that the organization was not punished for the fact of killing animals, but for violating veterinary norms.
Rosselkhoznadzor fined the Eternal Blue Sky shaman’s organization for conducting a religious ritual, during which five camels were killed and burned. About this reports “Interfax” with reference to the Deputy Supreme Shaman of Russia Arthur Tsybikov. According to him, the organization charged three thousand rubles.

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“We brought camels without coordination with the veterinary service and paid a fine to the Rosselkhoznadzor — three thousand rubles,” Tsybikov informed .

Frame from video from the channel “East Asia” \ YouTube
Frame from video from the channel “East Asia” \ YouTube

Thus, according to the representative of the supreme shaman, the organization was punished not for the fact of killing animals, but for violating veterinary norms. At the same time, Tsybikov stressed that they had not received any complaints from the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the rite.

On the incident itself became known on February 1 in social networks. It was reported that the shamans from the Eternally Blue Sky organization conducted a shocking rite to “strengthen the peoples of Russia”. Video ritual caused a loud public outcry. In addition, they are interested in the prosecutor’s office. However, they did not initiate a case : no corpus delicti was found in the actions of the shamans, as they killed the animals before the rite.

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