Smolov spoke about Russia in three words

In his opinion, the country is mighty and sleeping, and Moscow is rich in energy and opportunities.
Forward of Moscow “Lokomotiv” and the Russian national team Fedor Smolov believes that Russia could be described in three words: “mighty, emotional, sleeping”.

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Also in an interview for his club, he told what words to describe Moscow. In his opinion, the epithets “energy”, “opportunities”, “bad weather (not enough sun) fit her”.

The athlete named the work of Ayn Rand “The Source” by the book that influenced him the most, and at the moment Smolov meets Theodore Dreiser’s “Financier”. Also, the striker answered the question of what place he considers the best on the planet.

– Besides Saratov? ( Laughs. ) I’ll tell you now, and it will begin again: “Oh, he’s pathetic.” St. Barth Island, Caribbean. The island is a former French colony, French laws are in place there. Awesome place – said the football player.

At the end of January of this year, Fyodor Smolov told us that if he had been with Kokorin and Mamayev on the day of their hooliganism, he could have prevented the incidents. On the same day, he apologized to the fans of domestic football for not having scored a Croatia penalty in the World Cup 2018.

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