Social network, camera and NFC. Best smartphones up to 5 thousand rubles

Standards economy segment of smartphones are very different from all the others. They are most noticeably behind the progress: here a removable cover and a speaker on the rear panel, and not on the bottom, is a common thing, support for LTE networks is a luxury in general. These smartphones are chosen as the first gadget for the child, and also as a second device for yourself. Life figured out smartphones at this price level and called the most profitable models.
Redmi go. Price – 4950 rubles

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This entry-level Xiaomi runs on Android Go – software specifically for budget smartphones. This is the first advantage of the device: with 1 GB of RAM and a budget Snapdragon 425, Android works quickly and does not slow down.

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Photo: ©

In addition, it pre-installed “lightweight” Google applications that will work without problems on a smartphone with a small amount of RAM and will not take up much space in the drive.

Naturally, there is enough power only for the simplest tasks. If instead of YouTube Go to install a regular YouTube, the smartphone will start to slow down. The strongest side of Redmi Go, if we consider the characteristics – autonomy: with the active use of the battery lasts for two days.

The smartphone has two slots for SIM cards, you can insert either a SIM card or a memory card into one of the slots. The second is definitely useful. The storage capacity is only 8 GB, it is better to supplement it with a memory card and forget about cleaning the storage.

The screen corresponds to the initial level. Not rubbish, but using a smartphone on a clear day is difficult, and if you tilt it back, the colors on the display will lose contrast.

Vertex Impress Aero. Price – 4330 rubles

Another smartphone on Android Go. If you confine yourself with messengers, social networks and pre-installed services, you will not experience problems with the speed of the operating system.

Photo: © Vertex
Photo: © Vertex

The advantage of this device is the presence of an NFC chip that allows you to pay for purchases without contact.

The amount of RAM – 1 GB, the amount of internal memory – 8 GB, you can set the memory card to 64 GB. Also there are two slots from the SIM card, while the tray for the memory card is located separately, you do not have to look for a compromise between it and the second SIM card.

By the way, the lid is removable here – an advantage against the background of Redmi Go. By selecting it in the store, you can purchase a second battery separately and change it when it is already worn out.

Autonomy is not the strength of the smartphone. With active use of the battery charge is definitely not enough until the end of the day. Outwardly, this is an ordinary state employee – with a thick case and sharp corners, the charging port is located on the upper end, not on the bottom.

Nokia 1. Price – 4340 rubles

The compact 4.5-inch smartphone looks like a device from the beginning of the 2010s – rounded corners of the case, a screen with sharp corners. The modernity of the smartphone is indicated by the lack of navigation bar buttons – in 2019 they are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Photo: ©
Photo: ©

The strongest side of the smartphone is the screen. It’s comfortable to use the device with a clear day – you can see the incoming call or message. The viewing angles are also wide – if you tilt the device backwards, the image contrast will decrease slightly.

Unlike most ultrabudget users, the microUSB connector is located on the bottom of the case, not on the top. The case is removable, which allows you to customize the device without putting a cover on it: the company sells covers separately for this smartphone. Under the cover there is a removable battery and two slots for SIM cards, one of which is also designed for a memory card.

The cameras on the background of competitors here are more or less decent. In daylight, in HDR mode, medium quality images with decent detailing are obtained, which are not even embarrassing to put in Instagram. Counterweight – optimization of the application, in some cases, bugs may occur. For example, sometimes you can not switch from video mode to photo – you have to close the application and open it again.

The main disadvantage of the smartphone is the battery. Energy is not enough for the day of work. Otherwise, it is a very decent ultrabudget, which pleases both the appearance and work.

BQ-5001L Contact. Price – 4590 rubles

This smartphone works on regular Android. However, you can also install lightweight versions of pre-installed applications from Google Play if you want it to work faster.

Photo: ©
Photo: ©

Smartphone chip is also NFC, with which you can pay for purchases without contact. According to other characteristics, this is an ordinary state employee, no more, no less. The camera is average for its level – some pictures are of high quality, the battery lasts for a day of use, it takes about two hours to charge.

The screen is the controversial side of the device. On the one hand, there is an IPS-matrix without an air gap, which provides a better image display, on the other hand, it is not bright enough, which makes it difficult to use a clear day.

Is everything so smooth?

Not. It is very difficult to find a decent device in this segment, and even the most worthy models do not relieve the user from problems and the search for compromises.

Any ultra budget smartphone will last you a maximum of a year, after which it will begin to lag a lot, it will be impossible to use it. The best usage scenario is to take temporarily in order to gain access to the browser and social networks, while the main phone is not available yet paying a minimum of money. If you consider it as a purchase for a child or an elderly person, it is better to spend money on a gadget for 10-15 thousand rubles.

Any ultra budget smartphone will slow down, launching demanding applications. It is the weakest iron, which works without problems only with undemanding programs. For example, it is almost impossible to use Twitter on such smartphones, the only way out is Twitter Lite, a light version of the application.

Also, developers devote the least amount of time to optimizing Android in ultra-budget smartphones. The usual story when the device consumes energy in standby mode as well as when using applications. Anti-Virus can take pre-installed applications for programs with malicious code.

When choosing a device in this price segment, it is best to pay attention to the brands Xiaomi, BQ and Nokia. Fly, Doogee and other B-brands are better ignored, they have the cheapest components even by the standards of this price level, very quickly such devices will begin to slow down, and after six months using them will become almost impossible.

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