State Department on the creation of the EU army: We do not want to weaken NATO

The United States opposes the weakening of NATO – so the State Department spokesman Heather Neuert commented on the idea of ​​creating a “pan-European army”, which was put forward by the French president.

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“We believe that whatever is done should not be done in isolation from the actions of NATO.” NATO is a reliable organization that the United States and many other countries have supported for many years. Therefore, we don’t want to weaken NATO, ”Neuert quotes RIA Novosti.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed to create a pan-European army, which will be independent of the United States. The head of the White House, Donald Trump, called Macron’s idea “very offensive”. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the desire of European countries “to be independent, self-sufficient, sovereign in the sphere of defense and security” quite natural.

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