Svetlana Loboda and Rammstein lead singer make secret meeting in Berlin

Fans noticed the Russian singer along with Till Lindemann at the entrance to the concert hall in Berlin.
Singer Svetlana Loboda successfully performed in the capital of Germany as part of her tour of the cities of the country, users of social networks write.

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Once again, the fans found evidence of her romantic relationship with Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. They saw the couple enter the concert hall together, the famous rocker watched the show from the VIP box, and after the performance Svetlana hid with her in an unknown direction.

It is reported that Loboda specifically took a vacation for one day to spend time with her beloved man in Berlin.

As Life wrote earlier, the singer struck the German audience with a frank outfit.

Recall that in late October, Svetlana Loboda underwent surgery on the kidneys. Paparazzi managed to capture as Lindemann, leaving the shooting of a new clip, immediately came to Moscow to take it from the Botkin hospital.

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