Swedish schoolgirl nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Representatives of the Left Party, Jens Holm and Håkan Swanneling, took the initiative.
Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thurnberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. They want to reward the girl for her contribution to the fight against global warming. This is reported by Aftonbladet .

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“It is very honorable and pleasant to be nominated for such an important prize. This is incredible and a bit strange! ”
Greta turnburg

Photo © AP Photo / Markus Schreiber
Photo © AP Photo / Markus Schreiber

The initiative to nominate the schoolgirl was made by Jens Holm and Håkan Svenneling (representatives of the Left Party in the Swedish parliament). Also this initiative was supported by the Norwegian politicians.

Recall Turnnberg attracted the attention of journalists in August 2018. Then she began a single “school strike” in front of the parliament building in Stockholm. The girl said she did not plan to go to school until the Swedish authorities begin to comply with the terms of the Paris Treaty to reduce emissions of harmful substances.

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