Teen broke an egg about the head of the senator for the words about the terrorist attack in New Zealand

In response, the man got into a fight and managed to give the young man a few slaps until they were separated.
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Brian Tyler Cohen
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Here’s another angle because it’s just that important.

10:20 – 16 мар. 2019 г.
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Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность
The teenager broke an egg about the head of Australian Senator Fraser Enning, who called the “real cause of bloodshed” in Christchurch the influx of Muslims into New Zealand. It is reported by ABC News.

This happened when Anning spoke to reporters at a political meeting on the outskirts of Melbourne. The teenager himself filmed what was happening on the phone. In addition, the incident was filmed by media workers.

Brian Tyler Cohen
Remember that Australian Senator, Fraser Anning, who announced that Muslims were to blame when a white supremacist killed 49 people at a mosque?

He just got egged in the head and this boy is a God damn hero.

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10:18 – 16 мар. 2019 г.
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Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность
Having received an egg on the head, the senator hit the young man in the face and tried to continue the scuffle, but they managed to be taken away by eyewitnesses – Enning’s assistant and supporters. A 17-year-old young man was taken out by the police. He was arrested and later released; he is awaiting trial.

As Life wrote earlier, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Senator Anning’s repugnant statement about the cause of the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

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