The authorities will help the victim to the operator of “Lenfilm” in the fall of a block of ice

The authorities of St. Petersburg will assist 71-year-old Sergei Levashov, who was injured in the fall of an ice block from the roof of a building. This was reported on Instagram by the vice-governor of the city, Anna Mityanina.

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According to her, the social service will provide assistance to the oldest Lenfilm operator after his final recovery. “He will be in the hospital for as long as necessary,” she noted.

The vice-governor added that after discharge, the authorities will draw up a program of social support for both Levashova and his wife, who is also of considerable age.

The incident with Sergei Levashov became known on February 6. His son Anton told Fontanka that a block of ice fell on his father’s head on Vasilyevsky Island when he went to pay for housing and communal services.

“I came to intensive care already, he was in such a state that he simply did not recognize me. His skull base was damaged, and the doctor said that it was unpredictable what would happen next, ”he said.

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