The authors of Fallout 76 helped the family of a child who died of cancer.

The boy was a longtime fan of the game series and became the first person in the world to play a new part.
The company Bethesda transferred ten thousand dollars to the parents of a child who died of neuroblastoma (a pathological neoplasm in the kidney). Employees of the company did not advertise their support for the family.

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The user of the Reddit forum under the pseudonym u / Ra-vencio, who found information about the money transfer, learned about the developers’ actions. As for the boy himself, he was a big fan of the Fallout game series – he was the first person in the world to play the new part of Fallout 76 long before its release.

At the same time, Bethesda launched a special campaign to raise money for the treatment of a child. Thanks to this, we managed to collect 40 thousand dollars, but the boy died on 3 November. As a result, gamers and developers will transfer this money to the family of the deceased in order to support relatives.

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