The authors of “Masha and the Bear” responded to accusations of Kremlin propaganda

The authors of the animated series “Masha and the Bear” with humor refer to the statements of British critics about the Kremlin propaganda in the project. About this on Saturday, November 17, told Dmitry TASS director of the studio “Animaccord” Dmitry Loveyko.

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He stressed that the cartoon is an independent project that exists without the help of the state and is commercially successful. “If someone sees something in this – it’s great, people have a rich imagination, you need to be happy for them,” commented the entrepreneur in the British media.

Louyiko added that the “soft power of the Kremlin” in “Masha and the Bear” was seen not only by the British, but also by Polish and Ukrainian political scientists. The authors of the series, the head of Animaccord added, was pleased by the attention of a man of world renown, referring to Professor Anthony Glees of Buckingham University, who spoke about the project in the media.

Glice, who specializes in the study of intelligence, said earlier: “Masha is assertive, even an unpleasant character, and yet she is resolute. The girl bites off more than she can swallow. It will not be a big exaggeration to compare her behavior with that of Putin. ”

More than 4.18 million users have subscribed to the YouTube channel with English-language series of the animated series. Series of the cartoon in different languages ​​scored more than 40 billion views.

“Masha and the Bear”, created by the studio “Animaccord”, appeared in 2009. Each episode lasts about six minutes. The animated series won numerous awards, including international ones. The rights to its show acquired Netflix, Turner, KIKA, France TV, Sony Music, NBC Universal, Televisa.

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