The car fell into a pit of boiling water in the center of Kiev

In the center of Kiev, the car fell into a hole with boiling water due to the breakthrough of the pipe. This was reported on the website of the city administration.

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According to the owner of the car, he turned at the traffic lights, when the car suddenly went underground and plunged into hot water, which at first literally gushed forth due to high pressure in the system. It is reported that some passers-by received burns.

Due to the accident, many kilometers of traffic jams formed in the city, and traffic along several central streets was restricted, including for public transport. The report says that a 400 mm diameter pipe broke through the site, which is why hot water began to spill onto the streets of the city.

Recall the hot water Kiev waited a few months. She was turned off throughout the city because of the conflict between Kievteploenergo and Naftogaz. In this regard, the mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, proposed to completely abandon the hot water supply. As a result, after the long-awaited restoration of hot water supply in the capital of Ukraine, more than 300 pipe breaks occurred immediately.

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