The commander of the “Russian Knights” has denied the emergence of a new aerobatic figure

The commander of the aerobatics aviation group “Russian Knights”, Andrei Alekseev, said that she did not yet have new aerobatics. Reports about it TASS .

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“There are no new figures,” said Alekseev. In the Russian Aerospace Agency, the agency was told that the Tulip dissolution previously shown was shown at the training.

Earlier, the TV channel Zvezda published a video of the Russian Knights training session. First, the pilots on the Su-30SM performed group aerobatics and showed smooth approaches. After that, they demonstrated a slide with a turn, a barrel and a loop of Nesterov. As the channel noted, the fighters performed the dissolution in a new way after they climbed: they rose almost vertically and at a height of about 1 thousand meters dispersed as a “big flower”.

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