The islanders killed an American, and now the police will have to dance naked

A citizen of the United States was killed by the inhabitants of the tribe, and now, in order for his body to be taken out, he will have to come into contact with the people of the settlement.
Professional anthropologists who advise the police of the Andaman Islands in India, recommended law enforcement to strip naked and dance in front of the natives who killed 26-year-old American John Allen Chau, who came to them on the island. This is reported by the channel NDTV.

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  • Do not wear any clothes. Only then can you count on some kind of interaction, the specialists said.

According to anthropologists, it is important to take into account that the aborigines belong to a different civilization, they have their own world view and attitude towards death, especially to the death of an outsider.

Experts said that the operation requires training. It is possible that the police will need to undress and perform a dance in the sand, so that everything looks like a funeral ritual. Then the islanders may allow to dig up the body of the slain.

Recall, Chow died when he decided to visit an island with an isolated tribe, despite warnings that contact with residents is life threatening.

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